Why Chamain?

About Us

Why Chamain??

A lot of passion, enthusiasm and dedication go into every one of those over wrapped

Teabags and some really great ingredients.”

Our Differences

Creating our Flavors

Premium Packaging

Selecting Ingredients

Creating our Flavors:

It all started in our kitchen, Where we prepare the best mixtures to achieve the best taste with the highest benefit.

Premium Packaging:

Did you know that Tea has enemies? And they’ll rob it of its flavor, freshness and yummy aroma, These enemies may be from the surrounding environmental conditions ,so Within our packaging system  these enemies are given the  less opportunity to influence the product.

Selecting Ingredients

We pick and choose carefully our herbs so we choose the real herb that grown in the best suitable climate and picked by the hands at the ideal time to harvest and we choose the best part of the herb that contains the highest ingredients that give the whole effect and taste.

At chamain we have a strict requirements, rules and scientific principles we are always committed "to provide the best for you, including:

1- Making a detailed Scientific studies for the formulations and for each included herb to ensure access to the desired benefit with suitable dose that guarantee the least possible side effects and we follow up the latest international scientific researches conducted on the subject of herbs as well, in addition to invent healthy diets that are compatible with our mixture to get the medical benefit of these herbs as soon as possible and less costs

2- Choosing the right and real herbs out of best appropriate climatic conditions for agriculture and the ideal time for harvesting.

3- Truncation of the most important parts of the herbs, which contains the highest concentration of active substances to ensure that you get the complete benefits of it.

4- Quality control according to the highest scientific conditions through the most Specialized chemists and , pharmacists, by the latest sophisticated equipment in chemical and microbiological laboratories, that use liquid chromatography devices associated with high sensitive detectors GC / MS - HPLC / UV / Visible To determine the chemical compositions of each herb and select the one that contains the highest percentage of active substances that responsible for the desired medical effects، also we make sure that herbs are free from the effects of chlorine and phosphorus pesticides.

5- Processing, filling and Packing herbs, under the best conditions according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under the supervision of the most important Experts and the international scientific support to maintain active ingredients of the herbs through the stages of production and to maintain their distinctive taste.