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About chamain

A long time ago, herbs proved to be a strong ally of the human being and general health against various health disorders. Despite the increasing demand for herbal remedies in the present day but its use was present since the ancient times and in all literatures and ancient world civilizations. Since the beginning of the 19th century, scientists began working on researches on the active ingredients in herbs. It has also been used either boiled infusion or through direct application of herbs to treat health disorders, and various common diseases.

According to that, the idea of founding chamain company in 2007  was come. Chamain through  its staff which includes  highly specialized scientists  which select  the best types of  medical  and  biological  herbs  from  the  most   suitable   climates and agricultural land   by  their  high  experience and efficiency.

Chamain philosophy

-We recognize that improving the life style comes from pleasing the soul and achieving the best enjoyable taste, with satisfying the body and achieving what is best for the health

Our ambition

In Chamian we aspire to make the consumption of medical herbs an enjoyable nutritional habit associated with a healthy diet and not be limited to only the necessary consumption.

-cutting down the drinks that may not provide the benefit of the body and most of them contain either high calories or high caffeine and replacing them with herbal drinks with moderate caffeine and low calories to help the body in performing natural physiological functions properly, playing a role in supporting the body and providing the activity and energy with the Least side effects.


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